Education for nurses and other caregivers

Caring Education with Alison Petten RN provides nurses and other caregivers practical and professional training. Learners benefit from the excellent, practical workshop content, and from Alison's informal and energetic teaching style.


These workshops are a selection of the curriculum offered.

Availability and schedule varies.

Foot Care Education

Foot Care is an often overlooked but critical skill for caregivers and nurses. We want to help you care for people with lower and higher risk feet. We offer basic and advanced foot care education for care providers.

Health Care Education

We offer a range of workshops for your continued health care education. From charting to assessment skills, individualized care plans, phlebotomy and injections, and more.

Environmental Health Education

Health and wellness is directly and indirectly affected by a wide range of factors in our environment. There are also some important considerations related to the pandemic. This education is under development.

What Our Students Say

“Thank you for helping me to be a better caregiver.”

“I love that you make it informal and fun yet help us to meet and exceed our standards.”

“Alison is a great instructor. Approachable, knowledgeable, entertaining. The time flew.”

“You make the hard stuff easy.”

“This helps me to give better care more efficiently.”

“I wish I’d learned it this way the first time around!”